Thursday, 9 February 2012

Use it in a sentence....

My two girls, ages 9 and almost 12, love to ask me questions. They especially love to ask questions when I'm working on the laptop trying to create a literary masterpiece for my blog. Lately, the favorite questions are of the "what does this word mean, Daddy" variety. Mind you, I have taught them how to use the computer to look words up and have even gone so far as to show them how to use a real, physical dictionary (oh, the horror) but for some reason they persist in quizzing me.

"I don't know, use it in a sentence." is one of my favorite replies. I tell them that to better serve their homework needs I need to know what they're talking about, I need some CONTEXT. When I'm talking about my experiences living a Primal lifestyle, context is a big deal as well.

One of my neighbors asked what I had for breakfast and I told her I greatly enjoyed a Grok Dino egg. Confused face (on her, not me). So I told her it's a hard-boiled egg covered with a layer of sausage and then wrapped with bacon, cooked until done and eaten piping hot. It's based on the Scotch egg you can find in the UK but I use BIG eggs and a THICK coating of sausage for a truly Primal treat.

"You should have a bowl of cereal. It's healthy for you."

Kraken from Clash of the Titans 1981- Wikipedia
Release the Context!! (Clash of the Titans viewers feel free to giggle).

The job of insulin in our body is to regulate our blood sugar level. This sugar is necessary to power our muscles and organs and any extra sugar not stored is converted to fat (by insulin) and stuffed in our fat cells. But if you bombard your body with high levels of carbohydrates after awhile your cells begins to become resistant to that insulin. It takes more insulin to get the job of regulating your blood sugar done so your pancreas squirts out more and more. The excess insulin in your blood now causes an enzyme (lipase) to be released and that stores some of that excess blood sugar as fat. If you're insulin resistant the fat cells are now hanging onto the stored fat tightly, not wanting to release it when needed.

When your muscles and organs need energy they will take any stored sugar (which we only have a limited ability to store) and if there's not enough they will try to pull it from the fat cells. Problem is these fat cells don't want to let the fat go very easily, so your body tells your brain you need to eat since the cells aren't getting fed. Great. Now you're hungry (again) so you have something else to eat. Welcome to the viscous cycle of high-carb eating. And it doesn't matter if your carbs are from a soda, white bread or whole-wheat crackers as they all basically break down in your digestive tract into sugar.

This was my eating-cycle for years and why I ended up the way I am.

So no; in the grand scheme of things I think I'll pass on the "healthy" bowl of cereal (whole grain or not and that's a whole other rant for another day). And my reply to my all-knowing neighbor? The ever-present non-committal head nod. I even threw in a sly little eyebrow raising for good measure.


  1. saw a picture of your dino egg on your FB page, but didn't see a recipe. especially interested in the sausage wrapping and cooking as my sausage didn't want to stay wrapped around my scotch egg. please advise.

  2. I'll write it up in a post but it's real easy. Take your pound of sausage (your choice) and hard-boiled eggs. Split the sausage into fourths and make a big patty then place your egg in the middle with the patty on your hand. Now you can wrap the sausage around it, gentle spinning it around in your hands (like you're making a snowball). Eventually it will mold into a solid coating. 400 degrees on a baking sheet for 20-25 minutes or until your thermometer says the pork is done.

    Carry on. :-)